The DP240 is an enhanced version of the DP220; a piano with a playing table, which can easily be detached from and operated without the leg-frame carrying support. This makes it suitable for use as a "portable piano”, particularly useful when space is an issue. For example, in a child’s room where often there is just not enough floor space to put a piano permanently in the room. However, we did not compromise on the sound or the keyboard. It has the same loopless Steinway samples as our top line models. The playability and feel is quite as you would expect from a regular piano with just the sound system being optimized to the smaller cabinet.
The difference between the DP220 and the DP240 is the keyboard cover lid that we have added, which is ideal if are you more likely to have it permanently standing in the room and prefer the keyboard both hidden and protected. Fully assembled, its unique modern look complements any room, making it a clear statement of culture and design at a fraction of the price you would expect from a German made piano. The ideal piano for beginners, people on a budget or players who simply need a piano that can easily be transported.

  • Made in Germany
  • Compact body design with keyboard cover
  • Based on the latest DSP- and QUANTUM² memory technology
  • 88 Keys, weighted, original FATAR Graded Hammer keyboard, made in Italy
  • Completely new constructed piano samples with more than 1 GB memory
  • New Library with 20 sounds
  • 256 note polyphony
  • Newly programmed effects in two independent blocks
  • 4 Reverb effects (Hall, Room Stage, Ambient)
  • Different frequency modulation effects
  • Recording function
  • Metronome
  • Dual und layer possibility
  • Class D amplifier with modified speaker system
  • Connections: Midi IN/OUT, USB to host, AUX IN/OUT, 2 x headphones
  • Measurements WxHxD in mm: 1376x427x803
  • Weight: 42.8 kg

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