The Vogtland region in Germany not only represents traditional instrument making, but also the development of high precision top quality circuit boards. Not far away, our supplier produces high quality industry fabricated components, which are used for GEWA digital pianos. The production process includes multiple quality controls. Each component and every piano passes the documented procedure, “Made in Germany“.

“Excellent sound and feeling of a grand piano.”
— Alexander Meinel, Professor of Piano at the Academy of Music, Leipzig

development partners


The keyboard is the interface between human being and technology. In 1989, FATAR received the patent for a lever and spring mechanism. Today FATAR is the number one keyboard manufacturer. The GEWA digital piano keyboard is based on FATAR’s modules.


Since 1987, Dream has been providing leading edge hardware and software solutions for sound synthesis and sound processing worldwide. Dream continuously develops new dedicated DSP´s and firmware for electronic musical instruments, effect devices and much more.


TechniSat Digital GmbH was founded in 1987 with the aim of offering high-quality satellite reception technology for the end user. Since then, TechniSat has realised solutions for receiving and connecting data. Today they ofer TVs, digital radio, smart home solutions and other lifestyle electronic devices. TechniSat is developing and creating innovative solutions for tomorrow. GEWA and TechniSat work together to develop piano circuit boards.