Discover how Jing Li – concert pianist and piano teacher – uses the UP400.

Innovative and easy-to-use touch UI

With the UP400 we have introduced a whole new operational concept to the GEWA piano series. Via the newly developed touch display, all settings are available with just a few clicks. We have primarily focused on usability and abandoned unnecessary user interface elements.

Two world-famous grand pianos in one instrument

Discover the high-resolution Hamburg and Vienna Grand concert grand piano samples.

Hamburg Grand

3D Grand Piano Sound

The UP400 has a novel 3-way speaker system that uses 6 high-quality visaton speakers in total (2x basses, 2x mids, 2x tweeters). The additional digital sound processor takes care of a well-balanced audio signal. Through the special orientation of each speaker, the pianist has almost the same sound experience as with a real concert grand piano.

User Calibration Tool

The high-quality graded hammer wooden keyboard with ivory touch comes with another great feature: the user calibration tool enables you to fine-tune the sensitivity of each single key, according to your preferences.

Grand Piano Ambient Simulation

the perfection of a piano sample.

The Grand Piano Ambient Simulation feature takes our high resolution piano samples to a whole new level. As well as the standard piano sounds, the UP400 has additional ambient noise samples available. So for example, you are able to embed pedal noises, string resonances or key noises into your playing.

All features at a glance

Key features

Made in Germany

Two world-famous grand pianos in one instrument

Intuitive touch user interface

Piano set-up lab

Grand Piano ambient simulation

Extended connectivity Bluetooth / USB / MIDI / AUX

Graded hammer wooden "Concert Pianist" keyboard with ivory touch surface

4-hand mode

Recording function / metronome / split- / layerpossibilites with up to three sounds

User calibration tool

3D grand piano sound



Available in three colours

UP400 BK
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UP400 RW
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UP400 WH
RRP 2622,00€

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